The Brewery

The brewery is located at the industrial area of Isola d’Arbia, in the municipality of Siena. It has a professional electric plant, with controlled temperature fermenters and air-conditioned rooms, to ensure a quality product.

“La Diana”, whose name lives on in the city’s history, is the first agricultural brewery in Siena; here we wants to revive the tradition and, at the same time, create something new, a fresh and unique taste.

Ours is a zero km beer, the result of the genuineness of the hills of Siena.

Our structure has a 500 liter electric plant , with a controlled temperature fermenters and air conditioned rooms, to ensure a quality final product.

The malt used for the production is obtained from barley cultivated by members of the Cooperativa Agricola in land also located within the City of Siena. For our beers we use about 75% of the raw material produced by our members.


We started production in July 2014; in the first year of business, we reached an important recognition by Coldiretti Young Enterprise, with the attribution of the “Oscar Green” award for commitment to the development of the territory.

Our attention to local has slowly expanded, also in a production that emphasizes the territory and combine products and flavors seemingly distant.

After only a year and a half we have had important results at National and European level: we have won, in fact, in February 2016, the first prize with the Esther, our beer made with Heather Honey of Montalcino, as “Best Honey Beer of Italy” in the contest “Beer of the year”, proposed by UNIONBIRRAI.

Always with Esther, we have won the first prize at the “Armonia - European Craft Beer Competition” in the category “Specialty Beers”. In 2017, the Piccarda, won the 2° place at the contest,“Beer of the year”, proposed by UNIONBIRRAI, in the category “Spiced Beer” We have been also included in the Slow-Food Brewery Guide “Beers of Italy 2017”.